Productive and efficient offices require a large variety of office furniture products to function efficiently. From chairs and desks to boardroom tables and cabinets, without adequate seating and storage options a business cannot service its customers.

For large businesses who may be looking for office furniture to fit out a number of offices across a number of locations, finding a reliable, efficient, and trusted wholesale office furniture supplier who can source and deliver high quality office furniture products to suit their decor, is therefore essential.

At All About Office Guide’s, we have many wholesale office furniture suppliers, who are able to deliver a quality range of products across various locations. Want to make one single order for a large quality of office furniture, with multiple delivery locations? No problem! All About Office Guide’s suppliers can certainly offer this service. 

We outline some of the most common pieces of wholesale office furniture that our suppliers are able to source, provide and stock below. 

Office desk

For larger businesses, the ability to purchase bulk qualities of desks that fit the businesses aesthetic and décor is essential. Often this requires a large number of the same product. 

Office desks are undoubtedly the most common piece of office furniture and are found in every office around the world. With advancements in technology however, gone are the days where a standard top and 4 leg style desk is the norm. These days desk future ranges include a variety of shares, sizes, heights, and finishes. Desks can be adjustable in height, colour matches to other office features such as walls and blinds, or custom designed to fit in a particular space. 

With a strong focus on health and safety, height adjustable desks, which enable employees to spend time either sitting or standing to complete their work, provide a great solution in terms of promoting physical wellness.

Whether you are looking to purchase 10 desks for a full single office fit out or 300 desks for office fit outs in multiple locations, our wholesale desk suppliers have you covered! 

Office Chairs

What is a desk without a chair, right? 

Like their partners the office desk, office chairs have also come a long way in terms of design and features over the last few years, and the ability to purchase bulk quantities of office chairs for large companies is an absolute necessity!

Office chairs come in a variety of shares, sizes, colours and can be made from a variety of materials to suit the needs not only of the business, but the comfort needs of the employee. These days breathable mesh chairs are quite popular additions to many offices, providing great flexibility, with adjustable heights and back supports ensuring maximum comfort.

In addition to ranges of desk chairs, other office chairs include those commonly found in waiting areas, those used in meeting and board rooms and also those used for one-time events that may be held outside the office. 

White boards

Perfect for brainstorming and collaboration, white boards are an essential element of any collaborative workspace. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes from A4 size board with magnets that are perfect to place on the office fridge for reminders, through to large wall size white boards that are perfect for training and interaction. 

For additional flexibility, whiteboards on castors that can be moved throughout the office from room to room also provide businesses with a cost-effective piece of furniture that can easily be stored away when not required.

Our wholesale whiteboard suppliers have the ability to bulk quantities of whiteboards in a large variety of shapes and sizes. From small magnetic whiteboards that attach to fridges in your offices common areas, right through to large boardroom size whiteboards that are perfect for collaboration and teamwork, our suppliers have the ability to provide in bulk! 

Boardroom tables 

Boardroom tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. From circular tables that are great for more intimate meetings with smaller teams, to large lengthy, solid tables designed to seat a crowd, there are many options available. 

Ergonomic Chairs 

Ergonomic office chairs are extremely popular additions to offices due to the health benefits that they can bring. An ergonomic chair is a chair specifically designed to properly support the body, taking into consideration the user’s posture, comfort and providing suitable support. 

The most effective ergonomic chairs are adjustable, which is important for offices where multiple users share a chair from time to time, providing the ability for the chair to be adjusted to suit each person. 


There are many other essential pieces of office furniture that will assist your business to operate effectively. These include filing cabinets, storage cabinets, privacy screens, reception desks and much, much more. Whether you are an office furniture retailer looking for a new and reliable wholesale office furniture supplier, or just looking to fit out a number of offices, the All About Office Guide’s supplier listings will provide you with reliable and cost-effective supplier choices. Wholesale suppliers in which you can trust! 

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