There are many machines that businesses use as part of their day-to-day operations. These machines often have a variety of uses and are used across many different areas of the business. For example, machines such as fax machines and label printers may be used by all departments, whereas laminating machines and binding machines may typically only be used by your marketing and administration areas.

We take a look at the most common business machines and their uses. 

Binding machines

Binding machines assist with the collation of materials, presenting them in a neat and tidy book style manner, enabling you to file away all your paperwork and loose papers in a practical and stylish way. There are a variety of binding machines available, each with different features and finishes. These include comb binding machines that typically use a plastic or metal comb to bind documents, coil binding machines, write binding machines, and strip binding machines. Thermal binding machines, which use heat to create a professional binding finish are also extremely popular additions to any office. 


An extremely useful tool when it comes to making basic or algebraic calculations, Calculators make both complex and basic calculations easy. The directory listings below stock a wide range of desktop, handheld, graphing and scientific calculators. With such a diverse range of products and brands available you are sure to find a calculator suited to your needs.  

Label printers

Label printers are a fabulous tool for organising your office. These small, often handheld devices allow you to print and create labels from your computer, tablet, or smartphone over Wi-Fi, producing labels using thermal print technology. This has the added benefit of being more cost effective than purchasing ink-jet printing supplies. 

Inkjet printers

Inkjet printing and inkjet printers as the name suggests creates images by placing small droplets of ink onto paper. Inkjet printers were previously one of the most common and most popular printing machines on the market, however technological advances have seen popularity reduce. Inkjet printers are quite inexpensive making them perfect accessories for small to medium sized offices. 

Document scanners

Scanners are convenient and cost-effective tools which enable users to send copies of original documents via email, most commonly in a PDF format. Document scanners can be both small and large, with some larger document scanners incorporated into large photocopy machines, whereas others can simply sit on a desktop and are great for small documents that only consist of a few pages. 

Fax machines

Whilst fax machines are becoming a thing of the past, due to the push towards paperless offices and greater reliance placed on email communication, fax machines however are still common in many office spaces. A Fax Machine is essentially a device that sends and receives printed pages or images over telephone lines. The communication is digitised through an internal optical scanner, which subsequently transmits information as an electronic signal. 

Dictation machines

Dictation machines are great for anyone on the go. These sound recording devices, most commonly handheld, record speech for playback or to be typed into print. These devices also include digital voice recorders and tape recorders. For busy professionals the ability to create a memo to be typed later whilst on the go, adds to productivity and can be a huge time saver. 

Digital safe

A digital safe provides the ultimate in office security, particularly for small items than require a certain level of added security protection and safety. A digital safe can be either small or large, with many variations on the market designed to store valuables, such as jewelleries, cash, documents, and other basic materials. 


Privacy is certainly one element of business that needs to be taken seriously and using a shredder to dispose of your confidential documents is certainly a great idea! Our directory listings below offer a great range of both business and home office shredders from brands such as Fellowes, Kobra, Rexel and more. 

Security cameras

Security cameras are perfect for commercial spaces, adding an element of security and protection for staff. There are a large variety of brands available, with the best brand for your business depending upon the level of security you require and your intended usage. Our directory has a wide range of both internal and external CCTV systems experts. 

POS systems (Point of Sale)

A point-of-sale (POS) system is critical to the operations of many goods and service businesses. Our listings have a variety of different providers of POS devices, including computers and laptops, smartphones, mobile point of sale systems, tablets, digital card readers, and self-service kiosks, Additionally, other frequently used POS-related devices include barcode scanners, cash drawers also referred to as till’s and receipt printers. 

Folding machines

Folding machines, such as multifunction letter and document folders, can save businesses considerable time when it comes to their mailing systems and processes. Whether you are a business who sends out bulk materials or a business who only sends out a small amount of material to clients, a folding machine will ensure your documents are always perfectly and professionally folded. 

Laminating machines

Our directory listings have many different companies providing laminating machines, including popular products such as pouch and roll laminating machines. This style of laminating machine delivers quality results perfect for public display. With fast and efficient warm-up times and easy to use single touch operation, they make a great addition to any office. 


With advances in technology, there are new business machines being released frequently. These include multifunction printers, photocopiers, new smartphone technology and audio-visual equipment. With businesses increasingly reliant on technology it is important to find a supplier you can work with long-term to ensure your business stays technology relevant, having access to the latest business machines on the market. 


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