Another area in which many businesses, whether they be retail stockists or general companies with offices, struggled with during the COVID-19 pandemic was first aid equipment. During the pandemic many wholesalers simply could not source enough products to meet the increased demand. As such, All About Office Guide is committed to assisting businesses to find reliable and well-stocked wholesale first aid and safety supply equipment suppliers, 

The most important aspect of many businesses is the ability to keep their employees safe, which often means having quality first aid equipment on hand for those just in case.

There are many wholesale suppliers in our network who stock a large variety of first aid and safety supplies, from bandages right through to complete first aid kits. Some of the most popular first aid and safety products are described below. 

First aid kits

First aid kits are a must have! A well stocked first aid kit is even more important. Sourcing items to fill your kits, particularly for businesses who have multiple sites and or a large number of employees, requires wholesale products, which are more cost effective for the businesses bottom line. This is where the All About Offices Guide’s wholesale supplier network becomes so important. A one stop shop, where you can access a wholesale supplier that can provide everything you need.

Whether you are looking for smaller items for smaller first aid kits which are fantastic for company vehicles, or for businesses who have multiple locations, keeping a small one in each location, just in case they are ever needed. 

Larger businesses will be attracted to the larger, comprehensive kits that some of our suppliers stock, which will suit them best due to their larger employee size and greater options and inclusions. 


Cuts and scrapes are often unavoidable. Having a variety of band aids and bandages in various sizes, styles and materials can ensure that you are ready to patch up any mishaps that may happen. Our suppliers stock a range of bandages from plastic band aids right through to waterproof dressings. 


PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and refers to equipment that is worn to reduce or minimise exposure to any hazardous materials or environments. The intention of PPE is to minimise injury or illness, which could occur through exposure to chemicals and other workplace hazards. The most frequently purchased PPE equipment includes, safety glasses and shoes, face masks, respirators, hard hats, vests and coveralls.  

Spill kits

Spill kits as the name implies are used in the event that there is some sort of spill within the workplace. A typical spill kit will include equipment to assist with clean-up such as cloths, paper towel and a mop, as well as disinfectant, spray bottle and a first aid kit to treat any injuries. Another common feature of a spill kit is warning signage to ensure nobody is injured whilst the clean-up is in place. 


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